While USB-C is being slated to be the new industry standard for connectivity, and while adoption rates are rising at increasing speeds, it doesn’t mean you’re ready. Here are a few questions to ask and things to consider before you upgrade.

1) Do you know the benefits of USB-C?

Most of you are likely thinking: “Of course I know the benefits of USB-C, I’ve done my Googling.” However, knowing what benefits exist in a technology is drastically different than knowing how that technology will benefit you and your organization. Being a guru in your field, who your employees can depend on, we are sure you are already ahead of the game. However, as an IT professional, it is vital to remember that achieving each advantage would require careful deployment and a strategy to evolve with USB-C in the long term.

2) Are you looking forward to deploy company wide USB-C based laptops?

Organizations that provide laptops to their employees, usually upgrade devices every three to five years on average. But what many companies often lack is a long term computer replacement strategy. It is critical for a seamless USB-C laptop deployment to know exactly what kind of laptops are in circulation, what models they are, what they are compatible with and when they are due for an upgrade. Having this information on hand will allow you to see when you can begin deploying the newer USB-C based devices and how long it will take to complete.

Once you understand the USB-C enabled laptop deployment schedule, you will also be able to gauge the transition to a permanent USB-C friendly infrastructure for your offices, board rooms and common areas. Will dongles and adapters be required in the interim to accommodate those upgrading to USB-C first? Is it easier and more cost effective to transition the infrastructure now rather than wait? Looking forward and creating a strategy will be the key to a seamless deployment.

3) Are you prepared for on-the-go/travelling connectivity requirements?

Even if your organization is on track, it doesn’t mean others are. We can’t expect everyone to be as on-the-ball as you are. Having the latest and greatest in tech doesn’t look so suave when you can’t connect your laptop to do a presentation or move large data files while at a client’s office. You can avoid these potential scenarios by ensuring that you can connect no matter where you are. StarTech.com’s display and networking adapters exist in sleek travel friendly forms which means you can connect your USB-C enabled laptop anywhere you are. The key is knowing what infrastructures you need to adapt to and purchasing your connectivity products accordingly.

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