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TRIM Support with USB to SATA/NVMe Cables/Enclosures

TRIM in Windows – Supported on Select Products

Currently we only officially support TRIM in Windows and only with select products. Products with TRIM support will have an entry in Technical Specifications > Performance section: TRIM Support - Yes

If a product does not have this entry, it does not have TRIM support. While this may change as new firmware is made available, we aren’t able to provide any timelines or guarantees.

TRIM in macOS and Linux – Not Supported

The Mac OS X, macOS and Linux operating systems currently have various inherent limitations that prevent USB storage adapter from supporting TRIM with stock configurations. Our cables that support TRIM on Windows may not support TRIM correctly in Mac OS X, macOS, or Linux at this time. There are third-party software solutions for Mac OS X and macOS, but we don’t have one to specifically recommend. On Linux, TRIM can sometimes be enabled by modifying system configurations, but we do not support this or have specific information to provide regarding this process. 

Note: this FAQ applies only to USB storage adapters, and not SATA controller cards

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