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StarTech University offers computer enthusiasts and IT professionals a chance to learn more about new technologies and innovations in the IT world. Take some time to review the material, then pass the exam to earn your printable certificate for each course.

Course 8: Digital Signage

Chapter 1: Introduction

The term "digital signage" refers to any form of communication in which dynamic, digitally-driven messaging is used to replace or supplement traditional (print) forms of media.

Digital signage content can be as simple as a PowerPoint slide that says "Welcome", or it can be live, graphical content that is constantly being updated, running on a server. Examples range from in-store retail video billboards used for displaying current promotions or new products, to informational billboards found in airports or bus depots.

Seen by many as the natural evolution of print messaging and advertising, digital signage takes advantage of the versatility offered by video presentation, which is lacking from print media, specifically the ability to offer audiences dynamic, customizable messages.

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