USB A to USB B Cable Adapter - Female to Female

Una dos cables USB A a B para hacer uno más largo

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This USB A To USB B cable adapter provides a female USB A port as well as a female USB B port, offering a cost-effective way to interconnect two standard A to B USB cables together for use in place of a longer A to B USB cable.

La ventaja de

  • Couple two cables together and eliminate the need of replacing existing cables
  • Easy to use and install
  • Backed by lifetime warranty

Especificaciones Técnicas

Garantía Lifetime
Conector A 1 - USB Type-A (4 pines) USB 2.0 Hembra
Conector B 1 - USB B (4 pines) Hembra
Características Físicas
Altura del Producto 15 mm [0.6 in]
Ancho del Producto 18 mm [0.7 in]
Color Beige
Longitud del Producto 45 mm [1.8 in]
Peso del Producto 14 g [0.5 oz]
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Cantidad de Paquetes 1
Peso (de la Caja) del Envío 16 g [0.6 oz]
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