Side Panel Air Duct for ATX8xxx Series Cases

Agregue un conductor de aire al panel lateral de los gabinetes de la serie ATX8xxx

ID del Producto: SIDEDUCT2

  • Lightweight plastic construction
  • Extendable length from 7.5cm ~ 11cm
  • Designed for use with ATX83xx series computer cases
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Designed to mount in our 83xx series of Professional computer cases, the SIDEDUCT2 enables you to provide direct cooling to your high powered CPU.

When combined with an LGA-compliant side panel, this product can assist in creating a system build that meets Intel heat dissipation specifications.

La ventaja de

  • Creates an efficient vent for hot air from the CPU, while it's light weight construction keeps the chassis weight down
  • The extendable length for the duct makes it compatible with a wide range of CPU coolers
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty


Add a side venting duct to ATX83xx series computer cases

Reduce internal temperature by adding a duct to the side panel to exhaust hot air from CPU cooler directly

Create more efficient airflow within the computer case by isolating the air flow from the CPU cooler from the case fans

Especificaciones Técnicas

Garantía 2 Years
Duct Length 7.5cm ~ 11cm (extendable)
Características Físicas
Ancho del Producto 90 mm [3.5 in]
Color Negro
Diámetro 3.94 in[100 mm]
Longitud del Producto 90 mm [3.5 in]
Tipo de Gabinete Plástico
Información de la Caja
Peso (de la Caja) del Envío 0.1 kg [0.2 lb]
Contenido de la Caja
Incluido en la Caja 1 - Side Duct
8 - Retaining Clip (Black/Beige)