Bulk Cat6 Ethernet Cable - 1000 ft. - Stranded - CM-Rated for In-Wall Use - Blue

Gigabit-Netzwerkverbindungen herstellen, mit diesem hochwertigen Cat6-Kabel


  • Available in various colors for easy idenification and color-coding
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This 1000ft roll of Stranded Category 6 cable is the perfect way to connect your emerging gigabit network. Our Stranded Cat 6 cable is expertly designed and constructed, and backed by lifetime warranty.


  • Can be used in any 10Base-T, 100Base-TX or 1000Base-TX (Gigabit Ethernet) network
  • Can be used in home, office and other environments

Der StarTech.com-Vorteil

  • Enjoy cost savings by buying bulk Cat 6 wire
  • Category 6 wire offers the ultimate in network performance
  • Backed by StarTech.com lifetime warranty


  • Ingram Switzerland V930686
  • UPC 065030818964


Warranty Information Warranty Lifetime
Hardware Anzahl von Leitern 4 pair UTP
Typ der Kabelummantelung PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
Feuerwiderstandssklasse CM Rated
Leistung Kabelnennwerte CAT6 - 500 MHz
Physische Eigenschaften Produktgewicht 13.3 kg [29.3 lb]
Farbe Blue
Drahtstärke 24 AWG
Leitungstyp Stranded Copper
Kabellänge 304.9 m [1000.0 ft]
Produktlänge 304.9 m [1000.0 ft]
Verpackungsinformationen Versandgewicht (Verpackung) 13.3 kg [29.3 lb]
Package Length 21.9 cm [8.6 in]
Package Width 37.9 cm [14.9 in]
Package Height 38.5 cm [15.2 in]
Verpackungsinhalt Im Paket enthalten 1000ft Roll Blue Stranded Cat 6 Patch Cable


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