Single Monitor Sit-to-stand Workstation

Turn your desk into a sit-stand workspace with easy height adjustment and monitor mount

ID del Producto: BNDSTSPIVOT

  • Coloque la plataforma de trabajo sentado-de pie en su escritorio/mesa para crear un espacio de trabajo ergonómico
  • Aumente el confort de su entorno de trabajo cambiando de posición de sentado a de pie, con tan solo un toque
  • Máximo aprovechamiento del espacio, ya que se instalan las pantallas por encima de la superficie del escritorio/mesa
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This sit-to-stand workstation offers an easy way to enhance your productivity and comfort, by giving you a work space with a built-in monitor mount that’s easy to adjust according to your desired working position.

The workstation pictured

Go from sit to stand, with one touch

With one touch, you can switch your position from sitting to standing or vice versa, to keep a balanced level of movement throughout the day. The workstation features an advanced pneumatic spring that makes it easy to raise or lower the platform. Whether you want to sit or stand while you’re working, it’s easy to adjust the standing desk to match your exact height requirements, instead of selecting from pre-determined heights.

You can also adjust the tension of the spring according to the weight of monitors, laptops and other components on the platform, to make raising or lowering the workstation even easier.

Improve your viewing angle, with hassle-free monitor adjustment

The included monitor mount features a support post that’s 11.89 in. (302 mm) tall, for a much greater height-adjustment range than a typical monitor stand can provide. For viewing longer pages or blocks of code without having to scroll down your screen, the LCD arm also supports landscape-to-portrait display rotation.

Mounting your displays on a support post above the desk surface enables you to adjust your display height independently of your sit-to-stand workstation. You can also easily adjust position and viewing angles, for an ergonomic work environment.

A cost-effective ergonomic solution

Create a more ergonomic work environment at a fraction of the cost of a standing desk. Instead of replacing your conventional seated desk, you can simply add this compact sit-to-stand workstation to your existing work space.

Flexible use and spacious setup

The sit-stand workstation lets you optimize your desk area, and it’s easy to integrate it into your current layout by simply setting it on your desk, tabletop or other stable work surface (minimum 26 in. depth).

The workstation provides lots of space for writing notes or placing accessories on its base and features a large keyboard tray that accommodates your keyboard and mouse, so it’s perfect for any business or home office workspace.

The BNDSTSPIVOT is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.


  • Create a sit-to-stand workstation with a mounted monitor, to create a versatile work environment in business settings, corporate and institutional environments, or your home office.
  • Install ergonomic workstations for your employees, while saving on cost by utilizing existing desks and work spaces.
  • Mount a display to your workstation with tilt, swivel and height adjustment capabilities.

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  • This kit contains two products, our Sit-to-Stand Workstation (ARMSTS) and our Monitor Mount (ARMPIVOT) to enhance your productivity and comfort by giving you a workstation that lets you control your working position with a monitor mounted above

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  • UPC 065030865357


Warranty Information Warranty 2 Years
Características Físicas Longitud del Producto 85,6 cm [33,7 in]
Ancho del Producto 68 cm [26,8 in]
Altura del Producto 16 cm [6,3 in]
Peso del Producto 19,5 kg [43,1 lb]
Hardware Número de pantallas admitidas 1
Montaje en Pared No
Patrón(es) VESA de agujeros de montaje 75x75 mm
100x100 mm
Información de la Caja Peso (de la Caja) del Envío 20,8 kg [46,0 lb]
Longitud de la Caja 74 cm [29,1 in]
Ancho de la Caja 55,5 cm [21,9 in]
Altura de la Caja 19 cm [7,5 in]
Rendimiento Capacidad de Carga 11 kg [24,3 lb]
Tamaño máximo de la pantalla 30in
Ajuste de la altura
Inclinación +90° / -15°
Giro / Pivotación 360° alrededor del mástil de soporte
Rotación de la pantalla 360°



Alfombra Ergonómica Antifatiga para Escritorios de Pie o Sentado

Evite la fatiga y aumente su confort al trabajar de pie junto a su escritorio, gracias a esta alfombra con diseño ergonómico

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