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Video-Wall Mount - For 45” to 70” Displays - Anti-Theft - Heavy Duty Steel


Create a professional video wall, with fast and easy rear-screen access and display adjustment

  • Pop-out design extends easily (up to 12"/306 mm) to provide rear-screen access, for display alignment and adjustment

  • 6 points of micro-adjustment (vertical, tilt and swivel) for exacting display alignment and optimum viewing

  • Supports 45” to 70” display with weight capacity of 154 lb. (70 kg)

その他特徴 . . .
  • Low-profile design, minimum 5.6" (142 mm) from the wall

  • Heavy-duty steel construction

  • Lateral shift brackets make it easy to adjust the position of monitors, left or right

  • Lock/unlock switch helps to lock or release display out of the wall plate

  • Swivel angle of +1.2° / - 1.2° for precise display alignment

  • Anti-theft design for security (padlock required)

  • Kickstand and up to 12° tilt gives you extra room when adjusting cables or accessing ports

  • Maximum VESA 600x400 hole pattern

¥49,294 JPY 税抜
¥53,237 税込



This professional video-wall mount features an innovative pop-out design that enables fast and easy display alignment and adjustment, within a multi-display video wall.

A versatile video wall mounting system

Engineered with heavy-duty steel, the video-wall mount securely supports 45” to 70” displays, weighing up to 154 lb. (70 kg).

Using multiple VIDWALLMNT wall mounts, you can create an impressive video wall, enabling you to align your displays in unison. It’s the ideal solution for public, business and commercial displays and includes an anti-theft feature (with padlock required).

Align your displays seamlessly

With its unique pop-out design, the video wall mount helps you align your displays with perfect precision. Once installed, you simply press gently on the front of the display and the mount extends out from the wall for rear-screen access. This pop-out feature makes it easy to adjust the position and angle of the display, or replace a display when required.

The video-wall mount features 6 points of micro-adjustment, with vertical, tilt and swivel adjustments, to provide exact display alignment and an optimum viewing angle.  You can tilt your display +3° / -5°, adjust the swivel angle +1.2° / - 1.2°, and rotate the display +3° / - 3°. The video-wall mount also features lateral shift brackets, making it easy to move the display to the left or right for ideal alignment in your video wall.

Easy installation and maintenance

This video-wall mounting system is designed for easy set-up and maintenance. The pop-out design also assists in installation and maintenance, plus a convenient kickstand allows you to tilt the display up to 12° giving you extra room when adjusting cables or accessing ports.

The VIDWALLMNT is backed by a StarTech.com 5-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

  • Create an impressive video wall in a business lobby, retail venue or commercial space
  • Set up multiple screens to use for presentations in educational facilities, medical centers or conference centers
保証期間 5 Years
VESA取り付け穴パターン 200x200 mm
300x300 mm
400x200 mm
400x400 mm
600x400 mm
取り付けオプション 壁面
対応ディスプレイ数 1
Anti-theft あり
Minimum Display Size 45”
Video Wall あり
チルト +3° / -5°
可搬重量 154.7 lb [70 kg]
最大ディスプレイサイズ 70"
最大延長時のアーム長さ 12 in [306 mm]
特記 / 必要条件
注意 The video-wall mount is designed for precise display alignment. You can tilt your display +3° / -5°, adjust the swivel angle +1.2° / - 1.2°, and rotate the display +3° / - 3°.
エンクロージャタイプ Steel and Aluminum
製品幅 12 in [306 mm]
製品重量 34.7 lb [15.7 kg]
製品長さ 36.8 in [934 mm]
製品高さ 19 in [483 mm]
工場出荷時(パッケージ)重量 36.5 lb [16.5 kg]
パッケージ内容 1 - wall plate
1 - adjustment module
2 - adapter brackets
2 - stoppers
2 - plastic tabs
1 - hex key
4 - M5x14 mm screws
4 - M6x14 mm screws
4 - M8x20 mm screws
4 - M6x30 mm screws
4 - M8x30 mm screws
4 - rectangular washers
8 - small spacers
4 - large spacers
6 - 6.3x55 mm screws
6 - concrete anchors
6 - washers
1 - instruction manual


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