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HDMI over CAT5 HDBaseT Extender - RS232 - IR - Ultra HD 4K - 330 ft (100m)

Produkt ID: ST121UTPHD2

Extend an HDMI® video and audio over standard CAT5 cabling, with support for RS232 Serial and Infrared control

  • With HDBaseT extend HDMI, IR, and RS-232 through one CAT5e or CAT6 cable

  • Astonishing picture quality with support for resolutions up to UltraHD 4K

  • Hassle-free installation with a single CAT5e or CAT6 cable and built-in mounting hardware

Flera funktioner . . .
  • 100m (330ft) maximum Cat5e or CAT6 cable distance

  • Supports bi-directional RS232 and IR extension

  • Dolby® TrueHD, DTS-HD MA Audio

  • RS232 interface supports up to 115200bps full-duplex data rate

  • No software or drivers required

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530,99 € EUR exkl. moms
663,74 € inkl. moms


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The HDBaseT extender kit, extends HDMI up to 330 feet (100 Meters) over a single CAT5e or CAT6 cable. The extender supports Ultra HD and Full HD resolutions (4K / 1080p) with support for 3D and the accompanying 7.1 digital audio. For added versatility the transmitter and receiver can be used to transmit IR and RS232 serial communication over the same cable. The versatility of this video extender makes it an ideal solution for digital signage applications.

What is HDBaseT?

HDBaseT is a standardized, zero latency, video distribution technology that’s revolutionizing HDMI distribution. HDBaseT uses an advanced method of modulation that enables you to distribute uncompressed HDMI audio and video along with additional signals such as 100BaseT Ethernet, IR, RS-232 serial and power over cable.

Extend More with HDBaseT

The extender offers HDBaseT technology with HDMI, IR, and RS232 control in a single CAT 5 extender kit, for complete end-to-end control. Offering greater versatility than traditional HDMI extenders or HDMI cabling alone HDBaseT is the clear choice for every integrator and system designer.  The IR extension enables you operate your display and an IR-enabled source device, such as a Blu-ray player or TV Set top box, from either end of your extension. While RS232 control let you to connect a serial I/O device at your display - an ideal solution for adding a serial touch screen interface to your remote display.

Astonishing Picture Quality from an Impressive Distance

With the A/V industry quickly adopting 4K as the new high-resolution video standard, long range video distribution can be a challenge with standard HDMI cables beginning signal degradation at 30 feet.

With support for 4K you’ll be amazed at how HDBaseT maintains your Ultra HD picture quality, four times the resolution of high-definition 1080p, even at 330 feet away from your video source. Plus, because the extender is still backward compatible with High-Definition 1080p displays and video sources, you can rest assured this extender will make your video source look great in any remote digital signage application.

Simplify Your Setup

This extender has been specially crafted for a smooth, tidy installation. HDBaseT technology allows for single cable installation, for seamless integration using existing CAT5e or CAT6 infrastructure, avoiding the hassle of running multiple cables, while reducing potential failure points. Mounting hardware is also built-in to both the extender and receiver for discrete, professional mounting. 

The ST121UTPHD2 is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

Fördelarna med
  • Integrated bi-directional RS232 and IR interfaces enable you to communicate with, monitor and control your source audio-video device, from either end of the connection
  • Support for 4K and full 1080p resolution with accompanying digital audio, which lets you display your content the way it's meant to be seen and heard
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OS Independent

  • Position a display/monitor in a convenient viewing area while the transmitting content over a CAT5 cable from a cleaner, more secure environment
  • Ideal for digital signage applications in financial, educational, medical and business sectors
  • Perfect for video conferencing solutions in boardrooms and office settings
  • Optimize placement of your demo stations at trade-shows and in auditoriums
Information om garanti
Garanti 2 Years
Audio Ja
Industristandarder High Speed HDMI® and HDCP compliant
Kablage Cat 5 UTP eller bättre
Kedjekoppling Nej
Portar 1
Allmänna specifikationer Bi-directional
38Khz / ±10° / 5M
Audio-specifikationer Supports Dolby® TrueHD, DTS-HD MA
Maximal dataöverföringshastighet HDMI® - 3.4Gbps
RS232 - 115200bps baud
Maximal digital upplösning 4K
Maximalt avstånd 100 m / 330 ft
Stöd för widescreen Ja
Stödda upplösningar 3840x2160 (4K)
1920x1080 (1080p)
1280x720 (720p)
Fjärrenhetskontakter 1 - DB-9 (9-stifts, D-Sub) Hane
1 - HDMI (19-stifts) Hona
1 - RJ-45 Hona
2 - IrDA (Infraröd, SIR/FIR)
Lokala enhetskontakter 1 - DB-9 (9-stifts, D-Sub) Hona
1 - IrDA (Infraröd, SIR/FIR)
1 - RJ-45 Hona
2 - HDMI (19-stifts) Hona
OS-kompatibilitet OS Independent
Särskilda anmärkningar/krav
System- och kabelkrav 1X Standard CAT5 cable
1X HDMI Cable for Remote Unit (Local Cable Included)
LED-indikatorer 1 - HDCP (Green)
1 - Mode (Green)
1 - Power (Green)
1 - RJ45 Link (Green)
Inspänning 110V-240V AC
Inström 0.6
Kontakttyp M
Polaritet på mittpol Positiv
Power Source 2 AC-adaptrar medföljer
Strömförbrukning 12
Utspänning 12 DC
Utström 1.24A
Drifttemperatur 0°C to 70°C (32°F to 158°F)
Förvaringstemperatur -20°C to 85°C (-4°F to 185°F)
Luftfuktighet 0-95%
Färg Svart
Kabinettyp Stål
Produktbredd 80 mm [3.1 in]
Produkthöjd 25 mm [1 in]
Produktlängd 150 mm [5.9 in]
Produktvikt 305 g [10.8 oz]
Fraktvikt (förpackning) 1500 g [52.9 oz]
Vad det är i lådan
Ingår i paketet 1 - Local HDMI® Extender Unit
1 - Remote HDMI® Receiver Unit
1 - IR Receiver Cable
1 - IR Transmitter Cable
1 - HDMI Cable - 4 ft (1.2 Meters)
2 - Universal Power Adapter NA / UK / EU
1 - User Manual
8 Port VGA over Cat5 Digital Signage Broadcaster with RS232 & Audio

8 Port VGA over Cat5 Digital Signage Broadcaster with RS232 & Audio

Extend and centrally manage VGA video, audio and RS232 control signals to multiple displays

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469,99 € inkl. moms

Strömadaptrar (2)

DC-strömadapter - 12 V, 2 A

DC-strömadapter - 12 V, 2 A

Byt ut din borttappade eller trasiga strömadapter

24,99 € exkl. moms
31,24 € inkl. moms

DC-strömadapter - 12 V, 5 A

DC-strömadapter - 12 V, 5 A

Byt ut din borttappade eller trasiga strömadapter

80,99 € exkl. moms
101,24 € inkl. moms

HDMI®-kablar & HDMI-adaptrar (2)

HDMI® to DVI-D Cable - M/M

6 ft HDMI to DVI-D Cable - M/M

Connect an HDMI®-enabled output device to a DVI-D display, or a DVI-D output device to an HDMI-capable display

10,99 € exkl. moms
13,74 € inkl. moms

HDMI® to DVI-D Cable - M/M

3 m HDMI till DVI-D-kabel - M/M

Anslut en HDMI®-kompatibel utdataenhet till en DVI-D-skärm eller en DVI-D-utdataenhet till en HDMI-kompatibel skärm

12,99 € exkl. moms
16,24 € inkl. moms

* Produkters utseende och specifikationer kan komma att ändras utan förvarning.