2.5in SATA Removable Hard Drive Bay for PC Expansion Slot

Use an available expansion card slot to install a hot swappable 2.5in hard drive

Produkt ID: S25SLOTR

  • Fits a 2.5" SATA drive into a rear full profile expansion card slot
  • Trayless design: drive is not mounted into a tray or enclosure
  • Latching drive door
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  • 50,000+ insertion rating
  • Vented aluminum and steel construction
  • Door mounted Power/Activity LED indicator
  • Support for SATA revision I/II/III (1.5/3.0/6.0 Gbps)
  • Supports 2.5" form factor SATA hard drives (HDD) and solid state drives (SSD)
  • Plug-and-Play and Hot-Swap compatible
35,99 € EUR exkl. moms
44,99 € EUR inkl. moms


The S25SLOTR Trayless Hard Drive Rack can be installed into an available (full profile) PCI expansion card slot, providing easy access to a bare 2.5" SATA hard drive or solid state drive (SSD) from the rear panel of a computer case.

Unlike conventional hard drive enclosures, the S25SLOTR hard drive rack doesn't require that a drive be installed in a drive tray, saving the time and hassle involved in having to mount or install the hard drive for access to drive contents.

To maximize performance and utilize the full speed potential of your SATA III hard drives, this HDD Backplane supports SATA III for transfer speeds up to 6 Gbps when paired with a compatible controller.

Once installed in a PCI slot (and accompanying rear panel bracket), installing a 2.5" SATA HDD is as simple as inserting it into the trayless rack. To remove the hard drive, simply hit the eject button to unlock the access door, allowing the drive to be pulled out of the computer without having to dismount the drive.

* This unique design of the mobile rack enables you to use any available full profile expansion slot to mount a removable 2.5in SATA hard drive.

Fördelarna med

  • Utilize a free expansion card slot to add a removable 2.5" SATA hard drive bay
  • Vented aluminum/steel design and a 50,000+ insertion rating ensures reliability of the drive and drive rack
  • Maximize performance, with file transfer speeds up to 6Gbps when paired with SATA III HDD and controller


Add additional storage capabilities to a computer with no more internal or external drive bays

Add removable storage to the rear of a system, where it is less noticeable or accessible to unauthorized users

Add removable storage to small form factor chassis' with no standard 3.5/5.25" drive bays

Add additional hot-swap bays to a server or workstation computer

System builders who need to image drives quickly and efficiently

Environments where drives need to be replaced/removed regularly, without external protection for the drives required after removal

Be able to replace/remove individual drives from a storage array with minimal or no system down time

Tekniska specifikationer

Information om garanti
Garanti 2 Years
Antal enheter 1
Enhetsinstallation Löstagbar
Enhetsstorlek 2.5in
Enhetstyp SATA
Fläkt(ar) Nej
Hot swap-förmåga Ja
Maximal enhetskapacitet Tested up to 500 GB
Enhetskontakter 1 - SATA data- & ström-kombo (7+15-stifts) Honuttag
Värdkontakter 1 - LP4 (4-stift, Molex-type Large Drive Power) Hane
1 - SATA (7-stifts, data) Kontakt
1 - SATA-ström (15-stifts) Kontakt
OS-kompatibilitet OS independent; No software or drivers required
LED-indikatorer 1 - Solid - Power On
Blinking - Activity
Drifttemperatur 0°C to 55°C (32°F to 131°F)
Förvaringstemperatur -5°C to 75°C (23°F to 167°F)
Luftfuktighet 80% RH
Färg Svart
Kabinettyp Aluminium och stål
Maximal enhetshöjd 9.5 mm [0.4 in]
Produktbredd 21 mm [0.8 in]
Produkthöjd 120 mm [4.7 in]
Produktlängd 145 mm [5.7 in]
Produktvikt 167 g [5.9 oz]
Fraktvikt (förpackning) 234 g [8.3 oz]
Vad det är i lådan
Ingår i paketet 1 - Expansion Slot Removable HDD bracket
1 - 20in SATA cable
1 - LP4 SATA breakout cable
1 - Hard Drive Protective Film
1 - Mounting Screws
1 - Instruction Manual
Stödjer alla operativsystem.
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