100 ft Coax High Resolution Monitor VGA Cable - HD15 M/M

Connect your VGA monitor with the highest quality connection available

Produkt ID: MXT101MMH100

  • Triple-coaxial + twisted-pair wire for crystal clear display
  • Durably constructed cable, with high quality HD15 connectors
  • Impedance matched at 75 Ohms for full brightness and vibrant picture color from your VGA monitor
  • High quality VGA connectors with molded PVC strain relief
77,99 € EUR exkl. moms
97,49 € EUR inkl. moms


The MXT101MMH100 High Resolution VGA Cable (100ft) is designed to provide the highest video quality possible through VGA, ideally suited for high resolution applications of 1920x1200 and above.

This durably constructed coaxial VGA video cable (HD15 to HD15) eliminates the picture "ghosting" and fuzzy images that are inherent to non-coaxial VGA cables, while delivering superior EMI interference protection by using ferrite cores near the connector ends.

Fördelarna med

  • Extends your VGA signal to work with your monitor, splitters, and projectors
  • Supports high resolution VGA video (1920x1200 or above), suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Ferrite cores help eliminate EMI interference
  • Backed by lifetime warranty


Replace a worn-out or missing VGA monitor cable with this high quality, coax VGA cable

Supports high resolution VGA monitors (1920x1200)

Connect a high resolution display to a Desktop PC or video switch, up to 100 feet away

Tekniska specifikationer

Information om garanti
Garanti Lifetime
Antal ferriter 1
Antal ledare 14
Brandteknisk klass CMG-klass (General Purpose)
Kabelmanteltyp PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
Kabelskärmning Aluminiummylarfolie med flätning
Kontaktplätering Nickel
Rättsliga godkännanden UL2919
Impedans 75 Ohm
Connector A 1 - VGA (15-stifts, High Density D-Sub) Hane
Connector B 1 - VGA (15-stifts, High Density D-Sub) Hane
Särskilda anmärkningar/krav
Obs. Pin number 9 is not populated on these connectors
Drifttemperatur 0 to 60 °C
Förvaringstemperatur -20 to 80 °C
Luftfuktighet 0 - 80 %RH
Färg Svart
Kabellängd 30.5 m [100 ft]
Maximal kontaktdimension 34 mm [1.3 in]
Produktbredd 33 mm [1.3 in]
Produkthöjd 16 mm [0.6 in]
Produktlängd 30.5 m [100 ft]
Produktvikt 2.7 kg [6 lb]
Tråddimension 28 AWG
Yttre kabeldiameter 9 mm [0.4 in]
Fraktvikt (förpackning) 2.7 kg [6.1 lb]
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