Adjustable Rackmount DIN Rail Kit with Top Hat/Mini/G Rails

Easily mount any DIN Rail equipment in a standard 19" rack


  • Includes three types of DIN rails: Top-Hat, Miniature Top-Hat, and G-Type
  • Fits all standard 19" racks
  • TAA compliant for GSA Schedule purchases
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  • Meets ANSI/EIA RS-310-D standards
  • Occupies 2U of rack space
  • Adjustable depth
  • Constructed from solid cold press steel
145,99 € EUR exkl. moms
182,49 € EUR inkl. moms


The ADJDINKIT Adjustable Rack Mount DIN Rail Kit with Top Hat/Mini/G Rails makes mounting your DIN-rail equipment in a 19-inch server rack/cabinet or wall plate simple, without wasting space due to special bracket requirements for each piece of equipment. This TAA compliant product adheres to the requirements of the US Federal Trade Agreements Act (TAA), allowing government GSA Schedule purchases.

This 19-inch DIN Rail Mounting Kit includes the three most commonly used DIN rail systems: Top-Hat, Miniature Top-Hat, and G-Type.

Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

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  • Compatible with nearly all DIN rail equipment as the three standard DIN rails are included (Top-hat, mini, and G)
  • Adjustable depth makes the rail versatile enough for any depth of DIN rail equipment and optimal use of space without obstructing the rack rails or doors
  • Saves the hassle of purchasing or constructing custom brackets to mount DIN rail equipment


Install DIN Rail mountable hardware into a standard 19" rack or cabinet

Two ADJDINKIT's can be used in the same U height, facing each other and mounted on both front and back rails

Tekniska specifikationer

Information om garanti
Garanti Lifetime
Kabelhantering Nej
Ramtyp Stål
U-höjd 2U
Färg Svart
Inre bredd 416.8 mm [16.4 in]
Inre djup 222.3 mm [8.7 in]
Inre höjd 85 mm [3.3 in]
Maximalt monteringsdjup 222.3 mm [8.7 in]
Produktvikt 1.7 kg [3.8 lb]
Fraktvikt (förpackning) 2610 g [92.1 oz]
Vad det är i lådan
Ingår i paketet 1 - Din Rail mounting brackets
1 - G-Type Top-Hat Din Rail
1 - Miniature Top-Hat Din Rail
1 - Top-Hat Din Rail
1 - Package of M5 screws and nuts (4 each)
2 - Carriage Bolts
2 - DIN rail mounting Screws
2 - Wing Nuts
4 - Plastic Washers


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Vanliga frågor

Before You Buy

There’s a wide variety of accessories for server racks and today the various options will be explored.  Here are the accessories that will be discussed.

  • Shelves
  • Rack rails and DIN rails
  • Casters and leveling feet
  • Cable management
  • Rack blank panels
  • Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Server rack shelves come in a variety of sizes and styles.  We will be covering six different types of server rack shelves. 

Server rack shelves have both a U size and depth.  The U size describes the height of the shelf in rack units, and one U is equal to 1.74 inches.  Shelves might also list a maximum suggested weight and some shelves are available in a vented design for greater airflow.

Fixed shelves have a fixed depth.  If you use a server rack with fixed shelves, make sure your rack equipment fits within the mounting depth of the shelf you are purchasing.

Unlike fixed shelves, you can adjust the depth of adjustable shelves.  The minimum and maximum mounting depths for adjustable shelves are listed on the product page, under the Technical Specifications tab.

Sliding shelves can be slid in or out of a server rack. These shelves have a lock feature that locks the shelf and prevents it from accidentally falling out or sliding back into the server rack. The minimum and maximum mounting depths for sliding shelves are listed on the product page, under the Technical Specifications tab.

Similar to sliding shelves, drawer shelves feature a sliding storage drawer that is perfect for storing tools, small hardware or other accessories.

Cantilever shelves do not attach to the server rack on all 4 corners; instead, they only attach on one side of the server rack.  These shelves generally have lower weight thresholds.

Heavy duty shelves are designed to hold more weight.  They are a more durable solution for storing large pieces of equipment that can’t be mounted in a server rack. offers both rack rails and DIN rail kits. 

Rack Rails are available in several different U sizes and are often adjustable, allowing you to customize the depth of your server equipment.

DIN Rails are an industry standard for server rack equipment, and offers a DIN Rail kit which fits all standard 19” racks.  This kit features adjustable depth and the entire kit occupies 2 U’s of rack space.  As with other server rack accessories, check on the product page under the Technical Specifications tab to make sure your equipment will fit within the product’s measurements.

Casters and levelling feet are two of the commonly used methods of mounting a rack on the floor.  To determine whether your rack includes casters or levelling feet, on the product page, check the Technical Specifications tab, under the heading What’s in the Box.

Cable management accessories include cable management hooks, panels, and conduits or ducts.  More information will be shared on them below.

Cable management hooks are designed to hold cabling to avoid cable knotting or crimping.  They are also sometimes referred to as D-Ring hooks and can be found in a variety of sizes.

Cable management ducts or conduits are used to route cables through a covered cable duct.  These ducts feature a removable top cover so that you can easily add or remove cables.

A cable management panel consists of several cable management hooks and/or ducts, combining these products for an all-in-one cabling solution.

Rack blanking panels are sometimes called filler panels as they are designed to fill the openings in server racks that are not in use.  This provides security as well as physical protection for the equipment in the server rack.  Rack blanking panels can be vented or solid and come with or without hinges.

Power distribution units or PDU’s add additional power outlets to your server rack.  They are available in U based sizes, such as 1U and some of the more advanced units include power switching, which you can use to power on and off the connected devices over an IP network.

Confirm the number of outlets and the U size you need in your server rack PDU before you make a purchase.

There are a few ways you can find information about server rack accessories on

  • To view the different families of server rack accessories, go to the website.  Under Server Management, click Server Rack Accessories. This opens a page with each family of server rack accessories.
  • On individual product pages, you can view an image gallery which includes detailed pictures of the product.
  • The Technical Specifications tab includes the product's dimensions, and what comes with the product.
  • The Accessories tab lists other products that are confirmed to work with the product you are viewing.

If you have questions about any server rack accessories, contact our technical support team for further assistance. 


When you install your rack equipment, it’s important to put the heaviest equipment on the bottom of the rack, first.  This provides a strong base and is especially important if you are installing a lot of equipment on a tall rack.  This also prevents the server rack from becoming top heavy and falling over.

If your equipment is long, heavy, unbalanced or otherwise difficult to handle, ask someone to help you install the equipment so you don’t injure yourself or damage the equipment.

Finally, when you tighten down your screws make sure you don’t strip or damage the screws.  This is especially important to be aware of when using electric tools which can generate more torque.

The patch panel will be mounted using cage nuts, so the first step is to install them. 

Once installed, the cage nuts can be used to mount our patch panel. 

To install your server rack equipment, fasten the mounting screws into the cage nuts. After you tighten your screws, check to make sure your rack equipment is securely installed.

If you have questions about installing equipment into a server rack, contact our technical support team for further assistance.