1 Port USB over Cat5 / Cat6 Ethernet Extender - up to 131ft (40m)

Extend a USB 1.1 device up to 40m (131ft) away from a computer, over a Cat5/Cat6 cable

Produkt ID: USB110EXT2

  • 1x USB 1.1 port, 1x RJ45 port
  • Support for a maximum distance of up to 40m (131ft), over Cat5 or Cat6 cabling
  • Full Speed USB 1.1 compliant host interface, with data bandwidth up to 12 Mbps
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  • Efficient circuit design provides up to 300mA of power at the remote end
  • 8kV Contact and 16kV Air Electrical Static Discharge (ESD) protection
  • Integrated USB cables
  • No driver or software required
125,99 € EUR exkl. moms
157,49 € EUR inkl. moms


The USB110EXT2 USB 1.1 Extender enables you to extend a USB 1.1 connection over distances of up to 40-meters (131-feet) using standard Cat5 or Cat6 UTP cabling, bypassing the normal limitation of 5m (15ft) for USB 1.1 devices and allows for the host computer system to be safely stored in a remote location.

The USB Extender features a compact design with no external power requirements, making it the ideal solution for remote USB cameras, keyboards, mice or other input devices for environments where install space or access to electrical outlets is limited.

Able to deliver up to 300mA of power (when supplied with 500mA from the host computer), the extender is fully compliant with the USB 1.1 specification, with support for up to 12Mbps of data bandwidth.

Backed by a 3-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

Fördelarna med

  • USB 1.1 extender supports any full-speed (12 Mbps) or low-speed (1.5 Mbps) USB peripheral at up to 131 feet (40 meters) - a cost-effective solution for extending USB devices that don't require the higher bandwidth offered by USB 2.0+
  • Provides more power at the remote end (up to 300mA), without external power, than most other similar USB Ethernet extenders, for more versatile device connection options
  • USB over Cat5/Cat6 eliminates the need to cascade expensive, inflexible and space consuming USB hubs or repeaters for extending the range of a USB device


Secured environments where the host computer must be in a secure, inaccessible location from the the keyboard, mouse, camera or other USB input devices

Use existing in-wall Cat5/Cat6 wiring to extend USB 1.1 device connections between rooms

Reduce cable clutter and the need for mid-point USB hubs/repeaters by running a single, easy-to-install Cat5/Cat6 cable

Industrial control environments where the host computer must be located away from interference or contamination

Tekniska specifikationer

Information om garanti
Garanti 3 Years
Kablage Cat 5e UTP eller bättre
Portar 1
Maximal dataöverföringshastighet 12 Mbps
Maximalt avstånd 40 m / 131 ft
Fjärrenhetskontakter 1 - RJ-45 Hona
1 - USB Type-A (4-stifts) USB 2.0 Hona
Lokala enhetskontakter 1 - RJ-45 Hona
1 - USB Type-A (4-stifts) USB 2.0 Hane
OS-kompatibilitet OS Independent; No additional drivers or software required
Särskilda anmärkningar/krav
System- och kabelkrav Available USB port
Power Source Strömförsörjd via USB
Drifttemperatur 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
Förvaringstemperatur -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Luftfuktighet 20% ~ 80% RH
Färg Svart
Kabinettyp Av plast
Produktbredd 40 mm [1.6 in]
Produkthöjd 25 mm [1 in]
Produktlängd 85 mm [3.3 in]
Produktvikt 110 g [3.9 oz]
Förpackningsantal 1
Fraktvikt (förpackning) 170 g [6 oz]
Vad det är i lådan
Ingår i paketet 1 - USB 1.1 Extender Local Unit
1 - USB 1.1 Extender Remote Unit
1 - Instruction Manual
Stödjer alla operativsystem.
Kräver inga ytterligare drivrutiner eller programvara.


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