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My display is blank when running at 4K. How do I fix this issue?

This device supports up to 4Kx2K resolutions @60 Hz with a color depth of 8 bits and a 4:2:0 pixel format. This device does not support a 4:4:4 pixel format. If you are running a 4K resolution at a color depth higher than 8 bits, your display will appear blank.

To resolve this issue, you need to lower the color depth by completing any of the following:

  • Connect a display to OUT 1 that is only capable of a color depth no higher than 8 bits.  
  • Connect the least capable display to OUT 1.
  • Connect an additional display to your video source (for example, a video card in a computer) and use this display to reconfigure the display connected to OUT 1 to run at 8 bits color depth (or lower).
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