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How can I tell if my Microsoft Surface tablet is compatible with this MST hub?

Although most Microsoft Surface tablets include Mini DisplayPort, the capabilities vary depending on the tablet model. For more information about MST hub compatibility, refer to the following table:

Model Mini DisplayPort MST Graphics card
Surface RT No No NVIDIA Tegra 3
Surface Pro Yes (DP 1.1) No Intel HD Graphics 4000
Surface 2 No No NVIDIA Tegra 4
Surface Pro 2 Yes (DP 1.2) Yes Intel HD Graphics 4400
Surface 3 Yes (DP 1.1) No Intel HD Graphics (Cherry Trail)
Surface Pro 3 Yes (DP 1.2) Yes

Intel HD Graphics 4200
Intel HD Graphics 4400
Intel HD Graphics 5000

Surface Pro 4* Yes (DP 1.2) Yes

Intel HD Graphics 515
Intel HD Graphics 520
Intel Iris 540

Surface Book Yes (DP 1.2) Yes Intel HD Graphics 520

*The Surface Pro 4 does not work with an MST hub when the Surface Pro 4 is connected to the Surface Dock. If the Surface Pro 4 is directly connected, it will work with an MST hub.

In order to access the full functionality of the hub, you need to install the latest drivers provided by Microsoft Update.

Note: You cannot use an MST hub to increase the maximum number of displays that a video card supports. For example, if your video card only supports up to three displays, (as is the case with all of the Surface models listed above), your display limit will still be three displays even if you use an MST hub.

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