USB-A to USB-C Cable - M/M - 0.5 m - USB 3.1 (10Gbps)

Connect a USB Type-C device to your laptop or desktop computer with reduced clutter

Product ID: USB31AC50CM

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  • Supports USB 3.1 data transfer rates up to 10Gbps when used with USB 3.1 host and device
  • Guaranteed reliability with our 2-year warranty
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This USB to USB-C™ cable lets you connect your USB 3.1, USB Type-C™ devices such as a portable drive, or mobile device to the USB Type-A port on your computer, or charger.

Charge and sync your USB-C mobile devices while you’re on the road

This 0.5-meter cable is great for close-range connections to charge and sync your mobile devices with your laptop. You can move large files or transfer movies can be done in seconds, at twice the speed of USB 3.0 and 20x faster than USB 2.0.

You can also use the cable to charge your devices from a USB-A wall charger, car charger or power bank -- perfect for people on the move, for providing simple, tidy connections.

Connect your USB 3.1 peripherals

The short cable lets you set up in small offsite workspaces, or in a coffee shop or hotel room. It lets you connect a USB 3.1 peripheral device, such as your external hard drive to your laptop, without excess cable getting in your way.

With a bandwidth of 10Gbps, this USB 3.1 Gen 2 cable lets you sync your USB Type-C devices in no time at all. You can spend less time transferring and backing up your data and more time focusing on your projects and presentations.

The USB31AC50CM from comes with a 2-year warranty for guaranteed reliability.


  • Connect USB-C peripherals, such as a portable drive, to your USB-A laptop or tablet
  • Charge your USB-C mobile device from a USB-A laptop or wall charger
  • Sync your USB-C mobile device with a USB-A computer

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  • Ingram Micro Australia 4018489
  • UPC 065030867016


Warranty Information Warranty 2 Years
Connector(s) 1 - Connector A USB 3.1 USB Type-A (9 pin, Gen 2, 10 Gbps)
1 - Connector B USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C (24 pin, 10Gbps)
Hardware Connector Plating Nickel
Cable Jacket Material PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
Cable Shield Material Aluminum-Mylar Foil with Braid
Packaging Information Shipping (Package) Weight 1,0 oz [29 g]
Package Length 8,8 in [22,3 cm]
Package Width 3,5 in [90 mm]
Package Height 0,4 in [10 mm]
Performance Type and Rate USB 3.1 Gen 2 - 10 Gbit/s
Physical Characteristics Color Black
Connector Style Straight
Wire Gauge 30 AWG
Cable Length 1,6 ft [0,5 m]
Product Length 1,6 ft [0,5 m]
Product Width 0,5 in [12 mm]
Product Height 0,4 in [1 cm]
Weight of Product 1,0 oz [29 g]
What's in the Box 1 - Included in Package USB-C to USB-A cable


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Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Buy

USB 3.1 is the most recent version of the USB (Universal Serial Bus) standard for connecting computers and electronic devices. It is capable of data transfer speeds up to 10Gbps, and while it can use the USB-C connector type, it can also use a variety of other connector types. To achieve USB 3.1 transfer speeds, your USB host connection, cables, and device must all support USB 3.1. USB 3.1 is also known as USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps). 

USB 3.0 is capable of data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps. USB 3.0 is also known as USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5Gbps).

USB 3.1 is backwards compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, except in the following scenarios:

  • USB-B 3.1 cables are not compatible with USB-B 2.0 ports.
  • Unless you use an adapter, USB-C ports or cables will not work with USB-A or USB-B ports or cables.
  • Devices that require USB 3.1 transfer speeds of 10Gbps might not work with USB 3.0 or USB 2.0, or you might experience lower transfer speeds and impacted performance.
  • Bus-powered USB devices that requires more power than what USB 2.0 can provide are not compatible with USB 2.0.

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  • If Class 1 Laser Product. Laser radiation is present when the system is open.
  • Wiring terminations should not be made with the product and/or electric lines under power.
  • Product installation and/or mounting should be completed by a certified professional as per the local safety and building code guidelines.
  • Cables (including power and charging cables) should be placed and routed to avoid creating electric, tripping or safety hazards.
*Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Good Simple Cable

By: NickD_CA36 - 02/11/2018
I have tested this cable on different cell phones connected with different PCs as well as USB charging adapters. The cable works well and fast. The cable comes in a typical zip-lock bag that most StarTech cables come in. It is thicker and more firm than other USB-C cables I have used. The cable feels like it will last a long time. The cable works very fast when transferring data and it had no problems when charging with different quick charge adapters. This is a good cable that works as advertised. I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.
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(5 Stars)

Good to have it around

By: djluis68 - 02/27/2018
I received this cable to test and right way I was able to use it without any problems. It connected to my USB in the car and on the laptop and I used it mainly to charge my cell phone. Note: “I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.”
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(5 Stars)

Older devices want to play too!

By: Andrew13 - 02/27/2018
This cable allowed me to connect several USB-C devices to a non-equipped USB-C Laptop. I knew going into it that some devices might not work, and certainly not all the features, but was pleased that my docking station and charging Hub which had USB-C connectivity connected just fine and worked perfectly. Excellent build quality on the cable is what I come to expect, and the length is perfect for docking stations, etc. I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review
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(5 Stars)

Welcome addition to the go-bag!

By: Nick_103 - 04/15/2018
Full speed transfer, solid build. Great for charging phones, data transfer, adding USB-C devices, etc. The connectors are solid (unlike some "off-brand" versions I bought online)--no wiggle, no loose fit on the USB-C side... If you have compatibility problems, look at the USB-C device you are connecting, NOT this cable! I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.
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(5 Stars)

Sturdy cable!

By: sgto416 - 01/27/2019
I use this cable daily and there are no signs of wear and tear yet. I have had others and after 30 days I know the cable will start working as it should. You can feel the quality of the cable construction when you are plugging it into USB-C device or charger. I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review.
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