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The video signal is flickering. How do I fix this?

  1. Try using shorter or higher quality video cables.
  2. Press the scan button (where applicable) on our product firmly for about half a second. Then open Screen Resolution or Display Settings and ensure all numbered displays are set to Extend.  For good measure, ensure each display is set to a 60 Hz refresh rate before trying to use a higher refresh rate.
  3. If using passive DisplayPort to DVI or HDMI cables or adapters, replace them with active DisplayPort to DVI or HDMI adapters (Ex. DP2DVIS, DP2HD4KS).
  • Note: these adapters will require a DVI or HDMI cable to be used to connect the monitors.
  1. The primary display adapter for the computer has an outdated or basic driver installed. Update the video driver using the manufacturer’s support site.
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