Also known as a printer port or Centronics port, parallel ports are commonly used in specialty and legacy electronics, and machines. We offer a full line of options for adding additional parallel ports to your PC, laptop, or Server.

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1 Port PCI Express Dual Profile Parallel Adapter Card - SPP/EPP/ECP

Add a parallel port to your desktop computer through a PCI Express slot; features both standard and half-height mounting brackets

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‎S/122.99 PEN

6 ft DB25 to Centronics 36 Parallel Printer Cable - M/M

Connect a parallel printer to a PC or dataswitch

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‎S/30.99 PEN

6 ft USB to Parallel Printer Adapter - M/M

Add a Centronics parallel port to your desktop or laptop PC through USB

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‎S/56.99 PEN

6 ft USB to DB25 Parallel Printer Adapter Cable - M/F

Add a DB25 parallel port to any PC or laptop with a free USB port

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‎S/52.99 PEN

1 Port PCI Express Low Profile Parallel Adapter Card - SPP/EPP/ECP

Add an SPP/EPP/ECP Parallel port using a low-profile PCI Express expansion slot

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‎S/148.99 PEN

1 Port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Parallel Network Print Server

Convert a standard parallel printer into a shared network printer over a 10/100 Ethernet network

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Low Profile 16in Parallel Port Header Cable Adapter with Bracket – DB25 (F) to IDC26

Add a 25-pin parallel port to the back of your low profile/small form factor computer from your motherboard

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‎S/30.99 PEN
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